Where To Hunt Baited Bears In The United States

The "Wheres" For Baited Bears

While this may be out most latest information, please consult local regulations before heading afield.

*Key: R/NR = Resident/Non-Resident.  OTC/DRW = Over the counter/draw.  P&Y Potential: X = poor, XXXXX = excellent

Who’s Welcomed?
License Type
License Cost
Spring Dates
P&Y Potential
Special Regs
Hot Area(s)

Idaho Color Phase Black Bear
This cinnamon phase black bear was taken in Idaho.  Hunter shown wearing Mathews Lost Camo.


R and NR
$20 R, $125 NR
Apr.15-May15, Apr.15-May31, Apr.15-Jun30, depending on area (plus fall dates).
Baiting and Archery permits required, three sites allowed, select hunt areas only.
Units 16A, 17, 19, 20, 20A, 26, 27; two-bear limit, June 30 close.


R and NR (10%)
$11 plus $83 R, $65 plus $308 NR
Apr.11-May31, Apr.11-June7 in extended season areas (plus fall dates).
Application deadline Feb.25, 11p.m online or by phone (hunting license purchase required to apply), Orientation course mandatory, Certificate of Registration (COR) required to bait (with possession of Bear Limited Entry Archery Permit only), up to two sites, bait containers not allowed.
La Sal Mountains, Hunt #008; produced world record B&C bear, includes most resident tags and three non-resident tags.


R and NR
$45 R, $362 NR
Apr.15-30, or May 1-14 archery only in select units; Apr.15-May31, May 1-June15, May15-June 15 general (bows legal), depending on area (plus fall dates).
Bait sites must be registered in person, two sites allowed, select hunt areas only.
Bighorn Mountains; May bow only, plus extended June 15 hunt dates.


R and NR
$27 R, $68 NR ($74 NR Alien)
August 30 through Sep. 25 when hunting bait.
Special permits required to place bait on Bureau of Parks & Lands and White Mountain National Forest lands.
Far north regions of state due to less hunting pressure; Washington County “down east.”


R and NR (2%)
DRW $15 R, $150 NR
Sept.10, 15 or 25 through Oct.21 or 26, depending on area.
Application deadline June 1, baits cannot be established prior to Aug. 10, limited quantities of grain/fruit allowed to avoid attracting deer/elk.
Hunt number 18, Newberry allows the highest number of permits.


R and NR
$39 R, $201 NR
Baiting may not begin prior to Aug.14, bait must be removed when not hunting in Area 22 (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness). Sites must be registered and sign displayed on site.
Cass and Becker counties have produced Minnesota’s biggest black bears.


R and NR
DRW $49 R, $251 NR
Sep.8-Oct.5 when hunting bait.
No more than 10 gallons of bait may be used at a single site, including liquids. Class A Bear Permit required when hunting over bait.
Chippewa, Rusk, St. Croix and Lincoln counties have produced Wisconsin’s biggest black bears.



Russell, MB
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