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Black Bear Hunting: Expert Strategies for SuccessBlack Bear Hunting:  Expert Strategies for Success by Gary Lewis & Lee Van Tassell

Comprehensive Reference for Hunting Black Bear Effective wildlife management has given rise to growing black bear populations in many areas across the nation. As more and more hunters have the ability to hunt bears, they need the information to do it.

Ask The Black Bear GuidesAsk The Black Bear Guides by J.Y. Jones

Black bears number close to one million animals on the American continent, and their population is larger than any other bear species on earth.Well-known author J.Y. Jones has interviewed 12 top black-bear guides to find out how they manage to get bears successfully year in year out, hunt after hunt. Just because there are a lot of bears in the woods does not mean that it is easy to hunt them! So follow the author as he asks penetrating questions of guides from Alaska to Utah and from the East Coast to the West Coast. Not only will you learn how guides bag their bears, but you will also learn how to prepare in case you want to go on a guided hunt. And even better you will learn how to interview your guide before you put your hard-earned money on the line.

Black Bear Hunting by Richard P. SmithBlack Bear Hunting by Richard P. Smith

•A thorough, comprehensive guide to hunting black bears

•Tips and techniques to locate your black bear and information on the best weapons, gear, and methods to make your hunt successful

•How to judge the size and sex of bears in the field as well as how to estimate weights of bagged bears based on two measurements

The more you know about the animal you're hunting, the better your chances are of having a successful hunt. Learning about the life history, habits, and behaviors of black bears is important for bear hunters because the animals are different from most other popular big-game quarry--and there's a lot of false information out there. This fully illustrated guide covers all aspects of baiting, dogging, spotting and stalking, calling, hunting natural food sources (including grain fields) and snow tracking as well as where to hunt--making it a valuable resource for the novice and expert alike.

Hunting America's BearHunting America’s Bear by Al Raychard

To pursue these animals successfully, hunters must know everything possible about a bruin’s habits and habitat and the best methods for hunting it. And there is no one better to provide such information than expert bear hunter Al Raychard. Hunting America’s Bear is loaded with useful tips on: Scouting for prime habitat and food sources Interpreting sign such as tracks and scat understanding bear behavior through the seasons Setting up bait stations and hunting over bait hunting with dogs spot-and-stalk, still-hunting, and calling tactics Hunting with rifles, bows, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and handguns planning trips with outfitters and guides or hunting on your own judging bears’ size in the woods recognizing the differences between black and grizzly bears and much more...

Backcountry Bear BasicsBackcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters by dave smith

Everything you need to know about traveling and camping safely in bear country:

• Practical strategies for avoiding dangerous situations—and how to cope if you do encounter a bear

• Debunks commonly held myths about people and bears

Revised edition highlights new research and new issues No more myths. No more rumors. No more horror stories. Backcountry Bear Basics, 2nd Edition provides tested strategies to help you avoid conflict with black bears and grizzlies.



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