Idaho Woman Issued Ticket for Hitting Deer with Car

Posted by: Mike Willand
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The next time you drive into the state of Idaho in search of gemstones, a second wife, or the perfect potato, you better make sure your eyes are attentive to the road at all times. Otherwise watch out for the long arm of the law!

Sally Newcombe, a 62-year old resident of Bayview, was driving westbound on Highway 54 this past February when her car collided with a deer, a common occurrence in the area. Unlike most car-deer collisions however, Newcombe was issued a citation for (get this) inattentive driving, which is a misdemeanor in Idaho.

The accident, which caused significant damage to the passenger-side of her vehicle, is currently under further investigation by Idaho State Police officials.
"We're reviewing and making sure a proper investigation was conducted," ISP Sgt. Kevin White has said of the case. "It's not typical protocol to cite a driver for an accident involving a wild animal."

In the meantime, Newcombe has started a petition to support dismissal of the charge. The petition said the deer ran into her car. Newcombe's attorney, Rex Finney of Sandpoint, has filed documents in court saying his client is not guilty of the charge.

deer feeding on roadway

The Hunting Network staff would like to remind everyone of the dangers of car-deer collisions. Please make sure you buckle-up and are always attentive of whitetail that may be on the side of the roadway feeding on the fresh greens this time of year. Drive safely because only YOU can prevent bucks from being hit.



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