Trophy Blend Deer Scents Purchases Trophy Buck Lures in 2011

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Trophy Blend Scents™ & “Hard-On the Trail™” Trophy Buck Lures  

April. 24, 2011  

the manufacturer of the popular Trophy Blend™ “The Scent Stick©” line of Deer, and Elk scents along with a full line of Earthly Cover Scent products is proud to announce that we have purchased Hard-On the Trail™ Trophy Buck Lures. This acquisition doubles the size of our company, which doubles our buying power, and doubles cash flow.

With the Combination of the two companies, added to the 24 years of service that Hard-On the Trail™ brings to the table, we feel that we will bring to the Hard core hunters of today the BEST scents/lures and attractants available.

We offer over forty (40) Different Attractants and Cover scents within the Trophy Blend Scent™ line up. Now with the Added line up from Hard-On The Trail™ we can offer a 2oz liquid attractant/Lure to all of our customers.

trophy blend scents in red

Hard-On the Trail™ Trophy Buck Lures, is sold throughout North America at many fine outdoor retailers and on the internet at their website.

Hard-on the Trail™ Trophy Buck Lures is aggressively seeking new dealers throughout all of North America. If you or your company would be interested in adding HARD-ON THE TRAIL™ products, please contact Mark Mason.

Hard-On the Trail™ Trophy Buck Lures is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. HARD-ON THE TRAIL, is recognized as one of the industries Oldest manufacturer of Whitetail Deer Attractants and Lures.  



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