Whitetail Doe Nearly Tramples Baby

Posted by: Mike Willand
Friday, June 3, 2011

Whitetail deer are often known to flee with the slightest hint of danger, a natural instinct which has made them one of the most enduring mammals on the face of the planet. The Canadian doe in the following story, however, forgot to read that memo.

Ontario resident, Courtney Van Aertselaer, got the shock of her life last week when her 13-month old daughter, Trinity, was nearly trampled by a female whitetail deer at her Kenora home.

Courtney, responding to Trinity’s screams arising from the deck was able to quickly snatch her up before running inside her home.

The family miniature pincher was not as lucky. Immediately following the incident the dog took off after the deer to chase it from the property, but was soon trampled by the deer. The dog was seriously injured.

deer on bak legs

Deer, like the one shown above, are capable of standing on their powerful back legs to reach food, or fend off intruders.

Afraid of what would happen next, Courtney shut her blinds and called the police.

"It could have been so much worse. Had I not been outside, even five seconds after, it would have been too late. The deer was going to trample my daughter, it was so scary," stated Courtney in a recent Toronto News interview.

Nuisance deer within Kenora city-limits have prompted the public to call for a solution from city officials, but the demand has so far been turned down by the provincial government.

We here at The Hunting Network are truly thankful to hear that Courtney was able to grab her daughter in time before what may have become a dire situation. Let this be a reminder to us all of the dangers that can still exist where whitetail and human communities collide.


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