This Hunting Season - Join in on The Chase

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Join in on The Chase

Oftentimes we focus on how many trophies we can hang on the wall and forget perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of hunting...the thrill of the chase. Although Travis and Leigh Creekbaum have their fair share of trophies, for them, it's all about The Chase.

the chase hunting show

Join this husband and wife team as they hit the road in their decked out motor coach to pursue the dream of filming hunts together. Shown exclusively on the Pursuit Channel during the 3rd and 4th quarters, The Chase showcases this dynamic duo as they weather the elements while juggling their busy careers. It's a constant chase to see if they can fill their tags in time to return to their fulltime jobs as a portfolio manager and a financial advisor. There will be no time for twiddling your thumbs with this action-packed show. Filmed and produced by some of the best in the industry, The Chase is entertainment that you don't want to miss.



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