Caught on TrailCamera - Single Bobcat Takes Down Adult Deer

Posted by: Mike Willand
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remember last month when trailcamera pictures flooded the internet showing an adult whitetail buck being taken by a pair of coyotes?

While this latest batch of photos hasn’t drawn the same attention from whitetail hunters (likely because it doesn’t involve a big buck), they do show an adult deer being taken by a bobcat, one of nature’s most prolific hunters. Furthering the proof recent studies have had in many states, showing that bobcats do contribute to deer predation.

bobcat on deer 1

A young deer carelessly feeds this past winter, about to get an unexpected surprise.

bobcat on deer 2

bobcat on deer 3

The bobcat stands proudly over its new meal.

bobcat on deer 4

While its unclear in which part of the country the trailcam photos were taken, they are proof of a single bobcat's powerful ability.



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