Deer Crashes through Window and into a North Carolina School

Posted by: Mike Willand
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A surveillance video that was released last week shows students of a North Carolina high school frantically running into their school’s hallway after a deer reportedly crashes through the classroom window. Eventually the same video shows the deer - frantically doing the same!

The deer crashed into East Mecklenburg High School at around 2 p.m. while about 25 students were attending an English class.
Student Suandy Lazo told WSOC-TV about the minor injuries she suffered while trying to avoid the animal, who when first burst through the window was reportedly resting on another students back.

“Everybody was screaming”, continued Lazo. “Everybody was just going crazy”.

Quick thinking faculty members were eventually able to steer the deer towards open doors, even trying to contain the deer within the football field before police and animal control officers came onto the scene.

Both students and school officials would later state that the deer was severely injured during the ordeal. It’s unclear whether or not the deer was dispatched at the scene.



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