Deer Breeder/Rancher Reveals Secret to His Monster Bucks

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Looking for a secret ingredient to give your bucks their biggest racks possible?  A deer farmer in Texas thinks he's found the answer.

Oren Molloy, a deer breeder and outfitter in Memphis, Texas, noticed that the most impressive bucks he saw on his ranch all had one thing in common: they fed on certain wild legumes. His idea was to harvest this fruit (which they obviously loved anyway) and feed it to them, not just for the small limited time when it became ripe- but all year. He could also make it available in places where it didn't occur naturally on the ranch. An extremely high protein feed supplement was born, Mass XL.

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“Prosopis Glandulosa Torreyana is called the “Wonder Tree” by Native Americans and only grows in specific areas of our planet,” said Oren, the owner of Mass XL. “Where it does, deer and other animals crave the succulent fruit which it produces. When in season, whitetail and mule deer flock to areas filled with the sweet honey tasting legume to reap the nutritional benefit of this precious plant.”

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Research studies show that legumes are a great source of protein with fine quality amino acids that are essential for growing MASSIVE ANTLERS on whitetail and mule deer. Pods from this tree have twice the sugar as sugar beets or sugarcane, so deer find it irresistible.

“Just a handful of legumes per day provide enough recommended levels of vitamins, minerals and protein,” Molloy said. “No need to feed tons of other feed. A small portion of this NATURAL STEROID per animal will achieve enormous results and provide 39 percent protein and a 92 percent metabolic gain for the deer.” The combination of Mass XL being BOTH an attractant AND unique nutritional supplement is a one-two punch that will help you kill more, and larger deer.

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