Man Guts, Skins and Cleans Deer in Under Two Minutes

Posted by: Mike Willand
Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Most of us have never timed our field dressing rituals, but it’s a safe assumption that a typical “gutting” lasts an average deer hunter a solid eight to ten minutes. Of course, that doesn’t account for those deer riddled with ticks swollen like Christmas lights or deer shot through the gut only to be recovered the following day. For obvious and rather foul reasons, those field dressing sessions can push closer to the fifteen minute mark.

If you’re a male hunter, the pure thought of emasculating a buck before you begin field dressing can be quite the challenge mentally. Many a great hunter I have known have spent the better part of the first two minutes apologizing for what they are about to do before they even begin wielding a knife.

This brings us to our video. In it, a man not only “guts” a deer, but skins and cleans it in less than two minutes. And while the video is quite graphic, it’s also quite engaging to watch. Begging the questions on every viewer’s mind – what kind of knife is he using and where can I get one?



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